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For those who wish to fundraise for Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. below are some ideas.  Please contact us to obtain guidelines for fundraising.

All events are reviewed for consideration by the Board of Directors.

  • SCHOOL-WIDE COIN DRIVE:   “Collections for K-9s” or “Coins for K-9s”
  • COOKIE DOUGH FUNDRAISER (A popular site: ABC Fundraising )
  • SKETCH & SIP: Gather friends, bring a beverage and make a painting all in one session.
  • YARD SALE: Collect donated items and resell for a profit. Locate a no cost venue.
  • GUESSING GAME: HOW MANY DOG TREATS ARE IN THE JAR? Same idea as ‘guess the number of jelly beans in the jar’, but use dog and / or cat treats. Enter a guess for $1 or 7 guesses for $5.  The closest guesser gets donated prizes.
  • K-9 APPRECIATION EVENT: invite a K-9 to do a demonstration…have your volunteers bring individually wrapped desserts, and 2-liter bottles of soda and cups. sell refreshments…hold a raffle…have photo’s with the K-9 team- charge $5.00 per photo (set limited hours, as per the handler’s indication on the dog’s ability to handle the photo sessions).
  • BOWL-A-THON: bowl 1-3 strings. sponsor a player’s scoring pins by a penny, nickle, dime, quarter, dollar! – or pledge flat fee.  Increase the odds:  ask the police officers to play against your fundraising team!
  • SKATING PARTY: ask skating rink to donate ice time..they get skate rental fees.  ask pizza parlor, others to donate food. fundraiser is skating fee admission, food proceeds)
  • MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM: a pet business (groomer, pet store, vet, etc) offers a matching gift…for all donations for Vested Interest in K9s received at their business during a specified time period (ie: a month or two), they match up to a maximum match of $XXX (ie: $735 or ?)
  • DEDICATION WALL OF SHEPHERDS: Have cutouts of  german shepherds, for $1.00 donation, the shepherd goes on the wall or window of the business…donors are encouraged to write a dedication on the cut-out (ie; in honor of____, in loving memory of____, Happy Birthday _____, etc.)
  • BLANKET THE WALLS WITH LOVE: the same as “dedication Wall of Shepherds” (above), but use heart-shaped cutouts.
  • IDENTIFICATION MICRO-CHIP IMPLANT DAY/VET CLINIC FUNDRAISER: all profits/percentage of profits are donated to Vested Interest in K9s
  • RESTAURANT PERCENT DONATION POTENTIAL: percentage donation potential from your local restaurants:  Papa Gino’s, Friendlys Ice Cream Shops, Uno’s, TGI Fridays, Applebee’s, etc.)
  • RUN A MARATHON:  Obtain pledges for the event to Vested Interests in K9s, Inc.
  • DRESS DOWN DAY: Give students or employees the option of wearing casual clothes outside of their usual dress code in exchange for a cash donation.
  • DVD AND CD SALE: Hold a drive to collect new and gently used DVD’s and CD’s. Contact libraries, video stores, friends for donations of old or cast off materials.  Ask grocery stores to donate bags.
  • USED BOOK SALE: Collect gently used, donated books for resale to the public.
  • WORKPLACE MINI-GOLF: Turn your workplace into a miniature golf course by setting up greens that snake through the office. Include ramps and sand traps to tee up extra excitement. Set up foursomes. Award prizes for lowest score.