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Doctors Vesting K9 Heroes ~ "In memory of K9 Kye, Oklahoma City Police Department"
Wed, Sep 10 2014 - Fri, Oct 10 2014
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

“Doctors Vesting K9 Heroes” in memory of a nations hero, K9 Kye of the Oklahoma City Police Department.
Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. has proudly partnered with Hayward DuPont to help raise funds to provide 100 bullet and stab protective vests for K9s across the country from now until October 10 at  11:59pm Pacific Time.  “Doctors Vesting K9 Heroes” campaign goal is to raise $100,000 for bullet and stab protective vests for K9s nationwide, including the 8 Oklahoma City Police Department K9’s.
Each K9 vest award through these proceeds will have the embroidery sentiment “In Memory of K9 Kye, Oklahoma City Police Department””. Please help us honor this four legged hero who served, protected and sacrificed his life in the line of duty on August 25, 2014.
How to help?  This is an online crowd funding event and donations are secure through the Indiegogo site link.


In Memory of K-9 Kye, Oklahoma City Police Department, OK

On August 28, 2014 Belgian German Shepard, K-9 Kye with the Oklahoma City Police Department was laid to rest with full honors after being killed in the line of duty. During the funeral service Kye’s human partner, Sgt. Ryan Stark, leaned over the 3-year-old dog’s flag-draped casket to give his K-9 protector a final goodbye.

The tragic sequence of events started when police began a high speed car chase in pursuit of a suspect. The suspect led police on a 30 minute chase before troopers blew out his tires and he tried to make a break for it on foot. Sgt. Stark released Kye while chasing down the suspect. Stark said Kye had caught up to the man and he was about to call him off when he realized the assailant was stabbing the K-9.

Sgt. Stark rushed Kye to a veterinarian and stayed by his side throughout the night. Kye underwent emergency surgery for multiple stab wounds. He died the following day of cardiac arrest. “Dogs are very special,” one police officer commented.” They love us unconditionally. We will train a new K-9 and that dog will do a good job, but Kye was pretty special to us.”

K-9 Kye was not wearing a bullet or stab protective vest.




What We Need

It will take each of you donating to help us hit our target. Whether it’s $10 or $1,000, every amount helps.  Help vest our K9 Heroes

  • Our goal is to raise $100,000 through this campaign to provide up to another 100 vests
  • Contributions made are 100% tax deductible
  • Share this campaign with your friends, family and colleagues to help us promote this cause and encourage others to donate
  • The cost of each vest is $1,000 which includes the bullet and stab protective vest and direct shipping to the law enforcement agency. They come with a warranty of 5 years.
  • Contributors who donate the whole cost of a vest ($1,000) will be able to place a custom embroidery on the vest whether it be your personal name, a company name, a personal message, etc.


Your Impact
In the past 10 years, bullet and stab injuries have caused 60% of police dog deaths. K9s are trained to a high level of obedience. They are expected to follow all commands of their handler. A K-9 officer faces the same, if not a greater risk than human officers as they are often sent in ahead of their human counterparts to apprehend suspects or investigate dangerous situations.

Unfortunately, there are not enough funds for most agencies to afford the cost of protecting our 4-legged heroes.

Please join our mission to provide law enforcement K-9s with this life saving body armor.